ReMask Gold art Project

ReMask Project

Remask project, a new genesis for surgical masks, recycled and redesigned to express new meaning, new perception and new memory.

The intent in ReMask project is to work on the perception, overwriting it, through a new genesis of the surgical mask, with a new shape, new function, and new material.

The real surgical mask are remodeled by hand, keeping the original object inside a new skin into new ideal perimeter, than through electrochemical process becoming real metal and then 24k gold; 

The mutation from “soft” matter into “solid”, the new form which expresses a new function, the new technical characteristics of brightness, hardness,resistance and the new archetypal characteristics which some call “The solar valence”,  coming from the Gold metal.  These are all aspects used by Enrico Girotti, as in the ancient meaning “Artifex”, with the will to manifest a new reality, where the intent is more important than quantity.

ReMask project are unique and numbered objects, modeled by hand from Enrico Girotti.

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