Flow Chair – NYCxDesign

Flow “Subtelism” chair from lapiegaWD
Presented during NYCxDesign

lapiegaWD presents Flow Chair “subtelism” at exhibition “THE CHAIR” during NYCxDesign
( 11 November – 16 November )

lapiegaWD the Italian design brand present during the November edition of NYCxDESIGN at the Design Pier’s exhibition THE CHAIR, the Flow Chair “Subtelism” to reveal the design thinking that is at the origin of Enrico Girotti’s product design brand lapiegaWD.

The lightness design of Flow Subtelism was chosen by Enrico Girotti, to represent at the exhibition selected to be part of the curated itinerary of NYCxDESIGN, the collection of lapiegaWD; that is built upon the concept of metallic wire forging a relationship between the strength and hardness of the metal, staged through the lines of the objects, by keeping the thought ( the subtle ) in the object as alive as possible.

A precious sign enriched by a golden nish for Flow Chair which is determined by a sign born from the projection of a circle on a triangle, in which the rigour of the continuous lines plays with the circular shapes that embrace the padding creating a support for the back.

THE CHAIR: form, function, fascination

An exhibition of Design Pier, Showcasing US and international designers, celebrity names and up-and-coming new talent, Design Pier’s new exhibition explores the unique way the creators approach the most anthropomorphic object in design–THE CHAIR.

Exhibitors are: Atelier Barda, Cini Boeri for FIAM, Haase, Hannes Grebin, and Lionel Jadot for Todd Merrill, Jason Mizrahi, lapiegaWD, Magdeleine Design, Matthew Coutts, Skram Furniture, Steel by Göhlin, Yankatu

Usagi Gallery 163 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States from 11/11/2021 to 11/17/2021