amarone chair

Conceptual chair designed for lapiegaWD available in gold and ultrablack finiture @ Edizioni Enrico Girotti
A series of wires that have been meticulously shaped to be comfortable smash two opposing ideals of surfaces together to create a precious and conceptual seat

Flow Chair – NYCxDesign

lapiegaWD presents Flow Chair “subtelism” at exhibition “THE CHAIR” during NYCxDesign( 11 November – 16 November ) lapiegaWD the Italian design brand present during the November edition of NYCxDESIGN at the Design Pier’s exhibition THE CHAIR, the Flow Chair “Subtelism” to reveal the design thinking that is at the origin of Enrico Girotti’s product design brand lapiegaWD. The lightness design… Continue reading Flow Chair – NYCxDesign


Seidecimi for lapiegaWD A single stretch of wire that becomes a continuous element without end and without beginning, formed by the wire that describes the shape without stopping, reworking the concept of infinity.


Flow Chair for lapiegaWD . An element, a continuous wire drawing geometries born from the projection of a circle on a triangle, in which the rigour of the continuous lines plays with the circular shapes that embrace the padding creating a support for the back.