Ducale Collection.


a tribute by Enrico Girotti to the city of Venice and its evocative architectural elements. A palingenetic journey that merges design and craftsmanship through intricately curved precious metal and exquisite fabrics.

PRESENTED at the first edition of  Salone dell’Alto Artigianato Italiano in Venice



A Careful selection of objects designed by Enrico Girotti and enhanced by finishes and materials for special and limited editions, made in Italy by selected artisans
All product are accompanied by an a certificate of authenticity


Seidecimi Aureo

A single stretch of wire that becomes a continuous element without end and without beginning,

Remask project,

a new genesis for surgical masks, recycled and redesigned to express new meaning, new perception and new memory.


Hesperos Collection.

New Hesperos Collection will be presented during Milano Design Week


Founder and Creative Director

lapiegaWD. Furniture design brand creating iconic pieces made by metallic wire.